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Request help from an expert tax consultant from the Netherlands

When you start working in the Netherlands as an expat, then it may be convenient to ask some help from a professional tax consultant. Working in the Netherlands means you need to file your taxes in the Netherlands, and if you are from the USA, even there! However, the Dutch tax system is not always as straightforward as one might hope. When you have the help of a tax consultant from the Netherlands, you are sure taxes are filed in the correct way. This will prevent problems. If you want to file your taxes but are not able to use an online form, then it is rather important to use the C form or the M form. A tax consultant who is specialized in expat taxes in the Netherlands can tell you which form you need.  

Are there special regulations for expats working in the Netherlands?

Yes, there are! When you start working in the Netherlands, you are entitled to some special regulations to make life a little bit easier. One of those regulations is called 30% ruling. This means that the first few months of your employment in the Netherlands, you do not have to pay taxes over 30% of your gross income. Some expats can benefit from this for 8 years, others can benefit from this for 5 years. This is meant to cover relocation costs and to boost your net spendable income in the Dutch economy. These are all regulations a reliable tax consultant from the Netherlands can tell everything about. Another one of those rulings is that you need to request this in a specific amount of time after you have started working in the Netherlands.

Make sure your taxes are filed in time

Do you have to file your taxes? Make sure to contact a tax consultant from the Netherlands and have your taxes filed correctly and in time! The contact information of expat tax experts Witlox International Tax Advice can be found on their website!